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This is the web log of Mike Christianson- musician, who lives in an area near NYC that was once referred to (by the Dutch, no surprise) as "Slooterdam".

Monday, April 10, 2006


Apparently some of you have been interested, flattered. What have I been up to? (trying to formulate a coherent thought? Always, but also):

Off-Broadway at the Roundabout Theatre. Blissful music of the great Kurt Weill. Starring Alan Cumming, Ana Gasteyer, Cyndi Lauper, Jim Dale and Nellie McKay. Since it's NEW (still in previews) I have to do EVERY show until May. Spent much time (just finished) bailing on other commitments that conflicted with new show.

2. Gotham Wind Symphony Recorded: GWS knocks out CD #2, "American Gotham" all premier-recording original works for 45-piece wind band by NYC based jazz folks: Thad Jones, Mike Holober, James Chirillo and Scott Robinson. You will hear on this recording the following sounds: duck call, siren, contrabass clarinet, contrabass saxophone, slide whistle, improvised euphonium jazz, clavioline, and the LaGuardia HS Jazz Band!! MONTHS of planning, everything went well, in MY opinion.

3. Building new project website with ARTISTSHARE: around aforementioned project. Very helpful folks, but still much work to do.

4. Teaching at the 3 colleges: NJCU, CCNY and Lehigh.

5. Repairing chipped tooth, fixing flat tire.

6. Learning to love the New York Red Bulls: My old local soccer team the Metrostars, were bought by Red Bull Energy Drink, Inc., hence the new name. Youri Djorkaeff is the most artistic and creative player on that team. An inspitration, indeed. I have a soft spot in my heart for Red Bull for 2 reasons: 1.) When I was standing on the picket line during the Broadway musician's strike, a Red Bull-shaped car screeched up to us and a very enthusiastic young fellow leapt out and asked, "Are you the striking musicians?" When I answered in the affirmative the chap queried,"Would you like some free Red Bull?" We all accepted the kind offer and were able to strike more effectively from then on! 2.) John Hollenbeck wrote a very nice version of a Monk tune for his large ensemble which he claims to have written very last minute (a commission for the Scottish National jazz Orchestra, I believe) fueled entirely by Red Bull.


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