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This is the web log of Mike Christianson- musician, who lives in an area near NYC that was once referred to (by the Dutch, no surprise) as "Slooterdam".

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Area51 debuts, unexplained phenomena abound.

Last night at SUNY Purchase Recital Hall the Area51 Trombone Quartet presented their first programme. The evening was peppered (much like Harry Whittington) with rarely seen events.

1. Roughly 30 people turned out, refusing to believe governmental reports refuting the enjoyability of a trombone quartet recital.

2. These 30 people apparently passed up the chance to watch Olympic Curling on TV to be at said recital.

3. This audience professed afterward to enjoy even the most contemporary literature presented.

4. The trombone was demonstrably able to back up it's well-deserved reputation as "one big tuning slide".

5. Jim Pugh performed on a half-assembled slide (STILL sounding better than everyone else).

6. A late-programme costume change made some of us look even LESS geeky.

7. After (or, possibly during) a speech "perhaps" poking fun at our current national leaders, Mark Patterson's mutes were inexplicably locked in the "green" (this designation does not refer to the "alert" level) room.

8. Mike Christianson missed his high "D". (In curling, there are 2 basic shots: the "draw"{sneak up gracefully to another rock} and the "takeout"{send that baby to the moon}. Jim Pugh, for instance could "draw" up to a high D. I could only attempt a "takeout", but I misread the ice, my embouchure started to curl, I failed to sweep and completely missed it. In curling, sometimes an apparently colossal mistake can turn out well, as in the German men's last-rock boo-bbo against the US that enabled them to score 3 points! This "happy accident" concept sadly doesn't apply in concertized written-out music, however.)


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