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This is the web log of Mike Christianson- musician, who lives in an area near NYC that was once referred to (by the Dutch, no surprise) as "Slooterdam".

Friday, February 10, 2006

Hollywood Curling!

Yes, indeed! Here's the requested list of major-release motion pictures that I know to feature curling.

1. Her Majestys Secret Service

James Bond does really curl in this rare one (the single Bond performance by George Lazenby, love theme sung by Louis Armstrong!).

2. Men With Brooms

This Canadian-produced comedy is quite enjoyable, with actual strategy and rules worked into the plot. Leslie Nielsen guest

(other movies that appear on under a "curling" search include "Help!" {yes, that one}, "Little Women" , "My Life So Far", and "Gone Curling". That last is certainly destined to be the name of a tune I write)

OK. That's it.


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